All Around This World is a unique, dynamic, educational and fully fun global music and world cultures program for kids and their families. In All Around This World online classes kids (infants to 9 year-olds) and their grown-ups sing, dance, and explore the world together through a combination of inspiring multimedia courses, like the ones available on this page, and best-of-the-internet Livecast classes.

**** NOTE: For reasons too boring to mention, the Explore Everywhere "All Access Pass" will not be available to new subscribers until the end of August. Also, only three of the 12 AATW seasons of classes will be visible to non-subscribers on this site. I'm keeping the page up so you can see the possibilities, but if you subscribe now you temporarily won't have access to all the courses. Please please please, if you're interested at all, contact me --jay@allaroundthisworld, +12159132679 -- and I'll connect you with this wonderful program. If you're already a subscriber you'll continue to have full access and won't experience any change. ****

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Jay Sand -- All Around This World

I'm Jay Sand, musician, children's music teacher and very proud dad of three daughters. I live in Philadelphia where I teach All Around This World global music and world music classes to kids in my neighborhood, but because of this thing they call the Internet, I can teach classes to you and your kids around the U.S., in Europe, in Australia, India...anywhere!

HOW DOES THIS WORK? YOU decide the best balance for your family. If you would prefer your experience to mainly be "live," register here for a Livecast class. You will "come to class" each week to sing and dance with me, then pay me directly by paypal or venmo, Tuition suggestions are on the Livecast registration page. (No students will be turned away because of lack of funds.) When you register for a class time I'll send you a code to access course materials that will support your experience throughout the week.
If you'd rather learn primarily through the courses introduced here, pay for an individual course or sign up for an "all access" weekly subscription through this site. When you do, I'll make sure you know about the Livecast classes that will complement your courses. If you pay through this site, you can come to Livecast classes for free. Questions?

All Around This World's core curriculum consists of 12 individual courses; 10 based in geography -- Africa, the Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Oceania and the Pacific Islands, South and Central Asia, the U.S. and Canada, West Asia and the Middle East, Western Europe -- and 2 that leap across international borders – "Everything is a Drum" and "Connecting the Dots." And, brand new!, "Scattered Among the Nations," introducing multicultural Jewish music from five continents. Each course introduces 20 to 25 songs that originate from the region/s and 10 kid-friendly cultural experiences for all to enjoy.

All Around This World

What real life parents of real life students are saying about All Around This World:

-- “For over the past 6 years it has become my priority to find the best classes for my daughter. I search high and low for the best classes, teachers, and workshops. My standards are extraordinarily high, and I take great pride in knowing that I have made the best selections for my child. . . All Around This World class is by far superior to ANY other class we have taken (musical or otherwise)! … All Around the World is Best of the Best!"

— “WOW! This is the best thing I have ever done for my son. He loves this class. Not only have we explored new music we sing in many different languages . . . Great bonding time with my son, a must do for your children.

Jay Sand teaching an All Around This World class
No families will be turned away from an All Around This World classes on for lack of funds.
-- to get 25% off the top price of your course, at checkout use code AATW25PERCENT
-- to get 50% off the top price of your course, at checkout use code AATW50PERCENT
-- to get 75% off the top price of your course, at checkout use code AATW75PERCENT

If you want to sing with me but really can't pay, full scholarships flow freely. Contact me for a code, no questions asked.

NOTE: THESE CODES AND PRICES ARE JUST FOR INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES. Schools, libraries and community gorups, CONTACT US for prices that will fit your situation and needs.