Bring inspiring global music and cultures experiences into your family, especially to enjoy with your infants to nine year-olds, by subscribing to EXPLORE EVERYWHERE, the "all access" version of All Around This World's unique multimedia GLOBAL MUSIC and WORLD CULTURES ONLINE CURRICULUM FOR KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

** Come to class! Join me online LIVE on Wednesday December 1st and/or Thursday December 2nd. Explore the upcoming class schedule, contact me for class login information, or even register for classes and get an e-mail each week with login details and VIP perks. **

Jay Sand of All Around this World

I'm Jay Sand, musician, children's music teacher and very proud dad of three daughters. I live in Philadelphia where I teach All Around This World global music and world music classes to kids in my neighborhood, but because of this thing they call the Internet, I can teach classes to you and your kids around the U.S., in the UK, in Australia, India...anywhere!

All Around This World uses multilingual music, movement and crafted-for-kids cultural explorations to teach your students, from infants to 9 year-olds, to embrace the world’s extraordinary diversity.


A monthly subscription will grant you access to every international song and interactive, kid-friendly cultural lesson in the entire All Around This World online curriculum.* That is 12 FULL COURSES, ten of which cover all corners of the globe -- Africa, the Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Oceania and the Pacific Islands, the United States and Canada. West Asia and the Middle East and Western Europe -- and two more that cross international borders to share global rhythms.

Each course features 20 to 25 songs that originate from the regions we're visiting, all of which I, Jay Sand, founder and lead teacher of the program, adapted specifically to connect with you and your kids. You and your family will learn up to 250 songs in nearly 100 languages! In each course we also dance, enjoy holidays and learn, alongside our youngest children, the value of human connection.

While you are subscribed you will have access to each full course through the EXPLORE EVERYWHERE "course bundle."

YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME TO "COME TO CLASS" AT ANY LIVECAST CLASS TIME. Current class schedule is HERE, tuition details and login procedures are HERE, halfway down the page.) As an "Explore Everywhere" weekly subscriber, enrolled through this site, you will be welcome to come to any Livecast class for free.

YOU decide the best balance for your family. If you want your experience to mainly be "live," join me for Livecast classes each week, them complement the classes with the course materials. If the course materials are what move you, learn learn learn all the time from the multimedia lessons, then "come to class" to complement your learning with a musical burst of joy.

If you pick a regular Livecast class time each each, register here. If you do, I'll send you specifica weekly background information to complement that week's Livecast lesson. For example, if you register for "Kids Explore Africa" Livecasts I'll send you information about each week's African celebration or dance.

Engage, enjoy, and learn lots!

Course Curriculum

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(* All Around This World's "Scattered Among the Nations" course isn't included in the bundle. The course is a family-friendly tour of international Jewish music and culture and has references to Jewish observances and practices that may not fit into the general curriculum. It's still a great course! And you definitely don't have to be Jewish to enjoy it.)

No one will be turned away from All Around This World courses on Teachable due to lack of funds. Discounts and scholarships are available! Check out the pricing secton below for details. Bottom line: if you want to sing with me, we'll make it happen.

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No one turned away for lack of funds.

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-- if your job is secure, you're confident in your finances and you can't wait to sing, dance and explore the world with me, go for it and pay full price.

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