Songs: "Kids Explore Africa"


"A Hiyeni" is a song sung in a "women's village" in Mozambique in the 1970s, encouraging the women, who had built "Communal Village O.M.M." together, to keep remain unified in the struggle to become independent from Portugal. (More.)

Arsomo Baba” is a song from Morocco inspired by a kid drawing a multicolored picture of his dad. (More.)

Atas Atas” is a bittersweet Berber language lullaby from Algeria. (More.)

Awa Yombei” is a song from The Gambia that gives us the chance to join a little girl, Awa Yombei, as she spends the day having fun. (More.)

Bale Ile” is a multi-rhythmic West African drum song that originated in Nigeria as a rollicking example of a Yoruban genre known as fuji. (More.)

Cibula” is an energizing – and exhausting -- Wagogo chant from Tanzania about a hopping frog. (More.)

Diarra Loro Lora” is a song from Burkina Faso in West Africa that warns kids not to go out at night or they may run into a lion who is “food shopping”. (More.)

"Do Do Ki Do" is a song from Cameroon that kids sing about the beloved food, fried ripe plantains, as they dance and play during the Masquerade. (More.)

HaHaHa” is a happy-sounding song, originally in Ndebele, by the not-too-happy Zimbabwean songwriter George Sibanda. (More.)

"He Motsoala" is a South African song that follows our dear mother from city to city as she tries to acquire us a marriage license. (More.)

"Kavuli Tutu" takes us to Kenya where we enjoy the maize and pea harvest with much gratitude to the kids who helped. (More.)

Keenene” is a chant from Uganda that inspires us – REQUIRES us! -- to demand our favorite foods. (More.)

Kikalama” is a playful and empowering love song from Guinea. (More.)

Kipenzi Changu” is a song from Kenya that a groom might sing to his soon-to-be bride. “Though the days may be long, my darling, I'll never let you go....” (More.)

Nanu Nanu Ney” is a phenomenally funky Ethiopian dance song from the 1980s. In class we use it as inspiration to enjoy the shoulder shaking dance, the Eskista. (More.)

Nsa We” is a Ugandan song about the trials and tribulations of farming. In our version we all agree to work together to raise the crops. (More.)

Senzenina” is a South African anti-Apartheid era lament that poses the unanswerable question, “what have we done to deserve such struggle?” (More.)

Thinantsha” is a powerful South African anti-Apartheid song that confirmed the commitment of the youth to one day bring about justice. (More.)

Tsy Akeo” is a song from Madagascar by the phenomenal "selegy" performer, Jaojoby. “We need love and to be loved and to love each other every day....” (More.)

"Tulo Tulo" is a lovely lullaby from Uganda. Extra kudos to you if you sing it along with me in the original Luganda language. (More.)

Wai Bamba” is a Zimbabwean song that inspires the entire community to sing. (More.)

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